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A gulf is a large inlet from the ocean into the landmass, typically with a narrower opening than a bay; though this is not observable in all geographic areas so named. The term gulf was traditionally used for large, highly indented, navigable bodies of salt water which are enclosed by the coastline.
A gulf is an indentation along the coast that is filled with seawater from a nearby ocean or sea. Gulfs are often connected to other bodies of water by straits. Some important gulfs are the Gulf of Mexico, which is the largest gulf in the world; the Persian Gulf; and the Gulf of Carpentaria.


Working in the Gulf


A good or decent salary is that average salary in dubai in which a single person can easily live the middle class life. ... For Asian Salaried person average salary in Dubai is 6000 AED ( 1300-1600 usd ) unless you are on executive job where average income in Dubai is about 25000 AED or ( 6800-8000 usd ) .

Which type of jobs are available in Dubai?

  • Admin Jobs
  • Accounting Jobs
  • IT Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Government Jobs
  • HR Jobs
  • Hospitality Jobs
  • Retail Jobs

Cost Of Living

Among Arab countries, Dubai ranked first in the Arab world in terms of the high cost of living for expatriates, as it ranked 23 globally in 2020, compared to 21 globally in 2019, whereas Riyadh in Saudi Arabia came second in the Arab world ranked 31 globally.
KUWAIT CITY - In a survey conducted on the global cost of living for expatriates during corona virus crisis the Mercer Foundation revealed that Kuwait occupied the last position among Gulf countries and the 8th Arab country in terms of the high cost of living for expatriates, thus becoming the cheapest among Gulf countries for expatriate living in 2020.




The gulf has a notoriously unpleasant climate. Temperatures are high, though winters may be quite cool at the northwestern extremities. The sparse rainfall occurs mainly as sharp downpours between November and April and is higher in the northeast. Humidity is high.

Population: 423,400,000

Largest City: Dubai

Languages: Arabic

Currency: Dirhams

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